Depression VS Heartbreak

Depression is a serious psychological problem. I was really fortunate that stopping my depression was as simple as not taking a pill. For many other people, it isn’t that easy. But help is available.  There are a lot of resources online and offline that can help if your or a loved one is suffering from depression or suicidal thinking.

Most people do not experience problems like I did on hormonal birth control methods, and many people who have problems on one pill are fine on another. But boy, it’s not fun if you happen to get the wrong combination! Fortunately, there a lot of options, and planned parenthood even has a handy birth control method selection tool to get you started, whether or not hormonal methods are right for you.

I also want to be clear that I only stopped taking my birth control pills because I had already spoken with my physician and knew that stopping that pill cold turkey was safe. There are many, many medications where this is not the case. If you think a medication might be affecting you negatively, talk to your health care provider immediately. This is especially important for medications designed to treat anxiety and depression, as well as anti-psychotic drugs.  Always play it safe, you’re worth it!