BG Creative Creator of the Month: June 2018

Illustration by Carly Ihde

Illustration by Carly Ihde

What sort of art or design do you do?

I make mixed media pieces that combine digital and traditional media. Traditional media I work with are things like paint and ink and pencils. Digital media I work with includes tools like using a digital drawing tablet, ClipStudio, and a modern Inkjet printer. I really like working back and forth across mixed media. I feel like this kind of dovetails with a lot of the ideas behind my work.

Whether through my comics or my fine arts work, I’m really interested in the way we look for human narratives and common narratives in things, especially in nature. For example, the way we might look at prehistoric life and fossils and project our own examples on to those. For more modern examples, how we might look for allegories for how humans should behave? Sometimes those allegories work really well, and sometimes they get in the way. Read more