Science in Art- WORT 89.9 FM

Science in Art: WORT 89.9 FM

 When do we stop getting excited about science? How can we start again? Tonight, the Perpetual Notion Machine has local artist Rhea Ewing as our guest. Rhea talks with first-time producer Brett Schlough to discuss how we can use art as a tool to get us interested in science again. Their fine arts work encourages us to stop and think about the natural world and how we relate to it as people. Their work ranges from pieces exploring how our traditional narratives about prehistoric humans can be misguided, to a series exploring the survival strategies of natural species and how we can relate their strengths to our own lives. Rhea uses many methods to engage us to explore the ideas in their work, their gallery shows include detailed descriptions of what we see on the walls, and they have recently been taking these intricate works and turning them into small coloring books that can be easily distributed to people who may have difficulty accessing these fine arts spaces. Rhea uses these coloring books in workshops to help give us a space to better appreciate science fun facts, and to approach these ideas from a direction outside of the typically male dominated STEM world. Listen and read more